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How does sudden weight loss cause hair loss?

Weight reduction is essential to gain a fit body and get into a proper body shape. But those who have obesity issues for a longer period need to be careful while losing weight. Weight loss and a drastic change in lifestyle and eating habits can impact the body. It also affects your hair by amplifying the rate of hair loss. Many have faced and are still facing sudden hair fall changes that can even lead to premature baldness. 

Sudden change

A sudden change in fat levels in the body influences your internal system in multiple ways. Some are visible changes, while others do not catch the naked eye. One of the visible impacts falls on your hair and scalp health. The oil content in the hair roots nourishes your hair and keeps them intact. With weight loss, the oil content can get lowered and result in the loosening of roots. In such cases, you need Hair Fall Treatment For Men and women to meet the nourishment requirement. 

  • Ways to combat: You can easily protect your hair from falling rapidly by making a sensible call. Go for a Hair Fall Treatment For Men and women at a reliable clinic like Winika Clinic at the early detection. Delaying the process can cause further damage to the hair roots and prevent regrowth. The hair loss preventive treatments are completely safe and work effectively. 

Body reactions

After you lose a considerate amount of fat, hair loss can get triggered for many reasons. One of them can be for a condition called Telogen Effluvium. It is due to the fluctuation in the body mass index or BMI for the sudden weight reduction. It causes stress and makes the hair follicles move to an inactive stage. It further increases, and thinning of hair gets more. 

  • Vitamin deficiency: One way to try the hair fall is to check the vitamin levels. Many times, the lack of vitamins in your body levels becomes a major cause. Vitamin A, E, C, iron, and zinc deficiencies can act adversely on hair. Take the necessary supplements to support the follicle from falling. 

  • Nutrition necessity: Like your body, the hair also needs proper nutrition. Consume calories and vitamin-enriched food to help your scalp regain its health. A healthy scalp ensures strong hair. Both medical treatment and proper nutrition help in achieving a healthy scalp full of hair. Follow the advice of the medical expert to include nutrients to the hair directly via treating methods. 

  • Maintain a balanced diet: Lastly, a balanced diet is what you need the most! Treatment is effective only when the body functions rightly. A balanced amount of all the three elements: protein, fats, and carbohydrates in the diet ease the process. Take care of overall health to combat the changes in the body. Include food items like red meat, fish, eggs, spinach, carrots, whole grains, and avocado to get better results.

Look for a concrete solution

Making the best decision at the right time can save your efforts and money. Most importantly, it can help you regain the lost hair through effective treatment procedures! Lifestyle changes can sometimes act adversely on the body, but knowing how to deal with it makes it easier. Follow a healthy lifestyle and consult an expert as the hair loss from weight reduction is not permanent. 

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