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Faild* Hair Transplant Repair

Introduction to Failed Hair Transplant

Any failure in the hair transplant surgery might take place because of technical glitches by surgical professionals or because of the surgical or sloppy processes. There are several clinics that are available for hair transplantation, however unfortunately the hair transplants that are done with slight knowledge failure that leads to low self-esteem, poor results, depression or dissatisfaction.

For correcting a failed hair transplant is quite a challenge due to the reduction in donor area, scarring that is done before, poor hairline design and more.

What are the Rescue Options for Failed Hair Transplant?

There are certain ways to repair the failed hair transplant:
  • Body hair might be chosen for rescuing patients with the area of the depleted donor.

  • FUT Scarring on the backside of the scalp can be concealed with the aid of scalp revision or scalp micro pigmentation.

  • A poor frontal hairline can be redesigned completely by the extraction of wrong grafts along with relocation and FUE technique.

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