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Unshaven Hair Transplant

Introduction of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant is also known as Undetectable FUE. In this technique of hair transplant hair transplantation is done without shaving the recipient or donor area. It is unlike the traditional FUE, where all hair need be shaved to facilitate the process of extraction and placement of graft.

What are the Merits of Unshaven Hair Transplant?

There are many benefits of unshaven hair transplants. The most significant benefit of an unshaven hair transplant includes decreasing and lowers the degree of detection.

But then there is also a chance of surgery for being noticed on the area of the recipient. In some cases where patients have really long hair, scabs or redness, it can often be concealed by the existing hair.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Unshaven Hair Transplant?

  • Men and women who do not want to shave all hair

  • People who do not want their surgery noticed as TV personalities, bank officials.

  • People who do not have enough leave time to wait for some hair growth and full recovery.

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