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Hairline Reconstruction

Introduction to Hairline Reconstruction

Hairline reconstruction is basically a surgical process that lets a person to have the frontal hairline modified based on key factors such as patient preference, scalp laxity and pre-operative hairline height.

Hairline is the most visible and noticed part of an individual’s head. In the late 30s usually people are susceptible to suffer hair loss from the frontal hairline and thus hairs seem less dense. Hairline placement requirements vary from person to person depending upon the size of face and forehead. Hair loss from frontal hairline may be due to genetic causes or some others reasons. However maximum people are prone to have this problem after thirty years of their age.

In the 40s, the hair loss may progress and make the frontal hairline even less dense. Therefore early decision for hair transplant is required.

How the Height of Headline can be Determined?

Determining the Height of Headline

The frontal headline height can be determined in numerous ways:
  • It can be placed about seven to eight centimeters or three inches over the eye brows.

  • The hairline may be drawn four fingers over the eye brows.

  • It may be placed two fingers over the highest eye brow wrinkle.

The lateral hairline can often input on the line with an exterior of an individual’s eyes that is known as the lateral canthus. There is a notion for the frontal hairline of placement of the frontal hairline that an adult hairline is somewhere higher than that of the adolescent hairline. An appropriate angle and natural appearance of implantation on the frontal hairline is highly important for the overall persona of the patient.

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