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Moustache & Beared Hair Reconstruction

Introduction to Beard and Moustache Transplantation

Proper growth of hair of healthy hair impacts a lot of a man’s persona beyond he can imagine. Hence, a large percentage of the men get equally influenced in an adverse way just like women when it comes to their self-confidence. Having a healthy growth of hair is indeed bliss and you can’t deny that! There are some men who are unable to get beard or moustache even after reaching teenage. Thus for such boys or men facial hair transplant is a great option.

People who suffer the following conditions opt for facial hair transplant:
  • Scars because of any burn, trauma and surgical procedure

  • Sufferer of traction alopecia that may have led to hair loss

  • Other medical conditions as cancer or infections

  • Persistent conditions as alopecia areata

  • Scarring due to conditions as folliculitis

  • Hair Loss because of earlier conducted transplant surgery

  • Males with less dense beard and moustaches

What is the Anatomy of the Beard Transplant?

This makes beard transplant quite important and it is imperative that you understand the process of it before you avail it. Beard generally grows during the stage of puberty and ceases around your mid-thirties.  Your face shall be categorized into two parts when it comes to beard transplantation. This includes the lateral and the frontal. The lateral part usually involves the cheeks, jawline and sideburns. The frontal side includes the moustache, goatee which includes the lower part of jawline as well as the chin.

The hair density between the beard and the moustache is often kept in mind by the health professional. The number of grafts needed differs from person to person. However, in general, about 2000 to 2500 grafts are needed.

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