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Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar at Winika Clinics

Baldness is a very common phenomenon that has been affecting a lot of people from a very early age. Those who suffer from early hair loss they face several social issues regarding their look. It is needless to say that baldness curbs one’s confidence. And to avoid that people have been taking resort to several remedies, but nothing works better than hair transplantation treatment. 


Through the years cosmetic surgery has come a long way. Now everyone can go for this surgery. Due to its easy availability, it has become affordable off late. It is a treatment that offers a permanent result that will resolve your issue.


You need to come to Winika Clinics for Best Hair Transplantation that will help you restore your hair. The best part of the treatment is that it does not take much time. Even though it is an easy process, you need to consult with a specialist. Before you undergo the treatment your scalp must be examined. Besides that, a doctor must explain to you what technique they are going to use. 


So, while you are going to visit our clinic we offer you the best facility considering all the factors related to the treatment. 

Hair Transplant Services 

Hair Transplantation for Men 

Hair is the Crown of your head. Losing hair is not a pleasant thing for men. It affects both physical and mental health. Usually, people go through normal hair loss every day and we lose 60 to 100 strands of hair. But if this number increases, you need to start worrying about your hair. Losing more than 100 strands of hair is not considered normal.

Female Hair Transplantation

Losing hair can be quite tough for anybody but women seem to be more concerned about them as per surveys. Hence when any woman notices any excessive loss of hair for a consistent period of time they often lose their nerves and begin to explore ways for coping with it. Hence, Hair Transplant For Women is becoming really popular.

Hairline Reconstruction

Hairline reconstruction is basically a surgical process that lets a person have the frontal hairline modified based on key factors such as patient preference, scalp laxity and pre-operative hairline height.

Moustache & Beard Hair Reconstruction

Proper growth of healthy hair impacts a lot of a man’s persona beyond he can imagine. Hence, a large percentage of the men get equally influenced in an adverse way just like women when it comes to their self-confidence. Having a healthy growth of hair is indeed bliss and you can’t deny that! There are some men who are unable to get a beard or moustache even after reaching teenage. Thus for such boys or men facial hair transplant is a great option.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Perfectly arched eyebrows add to your personality and beauty. However not all people are blessed with them due to being affected by certain causes. With the help of an eyebrow transplant, anyone can have those aptly arched dark eyebrows and symmetrical. Implanting hair graft on missing or thin eyebrows can impose a significant impact on your outlook that boosts your self confidence and self-esteem. 

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant is also known as Undetectable FUE. In this technique of hair transplant hair transplantation is done without shaving the recipient or donor area. It is unlike the traditional FUE, where all hair needs to be shaved to facilitate the process of extraction and placement of graft.

Failed Hair Transplant Repair

Any failure in the hair transplant surgery might take place because of technical glitches by surgical professionals or because of the surgical or sloppy processes. There are several clinics that are available for hair transplantation, however unfortunately the hair transplants are done with slight knowledge failure that leads to low self-esteem, poor results, depression or dissatisfaction.

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