Hair Transplantation for Men 

A brief Introduction to Hair Loss 

Hair is the Crown of your head. Losing hair is not a pleasant thing for men. It affects both physical and mental health. Usually, people go through normal hair loss every day and we lose 60 to 100 strands of hair. But if this number increases, you need to start worrying about your hair. Losing more than 100 strands of hair is not considered normal.

What are the things that you need to consider during men’s hair transplantation?

  • If you are suffering from advanced androgenetic alopecia which cannot be cured with medicines then hair transplantation is required.

  • Hair transplantation can be done in scarring alopecia 

  • If you have gone through burn or surgery there will be hair loss due to the trauma that occurred.

  • You can opt for transplantation at the time of traction alopecia


It is suggested that before you go under the hair transplantation process, you need to go for scalp examination. As the transplantation is done considering the baldness so you need to opt for the check-up for sure. During the tests, the hair quality, condition of the donor area, thickness of the hair, density of hair in the donor area, and condition of the recipient area are checked. The transplantation technique is also taken into consideration to find out the best suited one. 


Why do men go for hair transplantation?

  • To regain their lost confidence

  • It gives a natural hairline

  • Transplantation offers permanent hair on the scalp

  • It will give a natural look and one can style their natural hair that will help them to accomplish their dream look.