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10 things you should know about Breast Augmentation Surgery

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Women's breasts are symbols of grace, beauty, and self-confidence. The shape and size also matter as fuller breasts are considered beautiful over the ones that look premature. These are some of the reasons why women these days are opting for breast augmentation surgery. But getting the right surgery from a reliable source may not be challenging when finding it the first time.

When searching for a reliable breast augmentation treatment in Bhubaneswar, Winika Clinics can be the safest bet. Let’s take you through important things to know before going for the surgery.

What is all about the surgery?

The Breast Augmentation Treatment in Bhubaneswar is a surgical method that helps increase breast size. The main idea is that the surgery will enlarge your breasts by implanting silicone or saline inside patients. A reliable and experienced specialist can perform the surgery correctly.

Why opt for breast enlargement?

It is a personal choice for a woman who wants fullness in breasts, gets a symmetrical look, gets better breast size after mastectomy, and boosts self-confidence and inner beauty. After surgery, one may get a better back shape to balance hips and breasts.

Are you ideal to opt for surgery?

· Healthy woman

· A non-smoker

· Non-pregnant women or not breastfeeding currently

· Breasts are fully developed

· You want to change the size and shape of breasts

Questions to ask consultants

Try to know about the type of implants, projection results, sizing technique in the pre-operation period, methods of surgery suitable given the present condition of the patient's health.

Different types of implants

· Saline implants

· Silicone implants

· Structured saline implants

· Gel Implants with cohesive gel

Before surgery process

Before surgery, the doctor asks to give up smoking and medications, if any. It will be followed by urine tests, blood tests, and others necessary before giving anesthesia. It is better to visit the clinic in loose clothes.

After surgery steps

Doctors choose general anesthesia for the safety and comfort of patients. Then, the incision part is to be discussed with the patient during the consultation. The places of the incision are inframammary fold, armpits, below the nipples. After placement, the incision will be closed appropriately by a specialist.

Ways to enlarge breasts

Medical category implants are used with bio-compatible silicon to give the required size to breasts. Here, the outer shell is made from silicon or gel to fix it well. The gel helps to give the accurate shape of breasts.

Time taken to recover

Recovery period is crucial, and it often determines the results to expect from surgery. It is better to follow the guidance of the surgeon and check health monitors constantly.

Cost of surgery

The cost varies on different factors such as the location of clinics, type of implant you are opting for, reputation, and specialist expertise. Take the right estimate for surgery after initial consultation with a doctor.

However, when consulting the specialists the first time, it is better to know about the risks involved. It may vary from person to person, depending on one's current health status.

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