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Understanding the Difference between FUE Hair Transplant and PRP Treatment

Updated: Jun 6

Is your receding hairline a source of concern for you? The loss of tresses is a significant challenge for males and females. Individuals with hair loss issues are no longer confident about how they look. 


Taking a cautious call


Grow back your tresses with the various methods of hair restoration. Of late, hair transplants and platelet-rich plasma therapy are some of the methods that have gained immense popularity. You may be in a dilemma about your choice of the best treatment. You can always seek guidance from the restoration specialists. The following paragraphs will highlight the methods so it will become easy for you to choose the best route for your condition. Treat alopecia areata with safe and effective PRP Treatment for Hair.


Follicular Unit Extraction 


The follicular unit extraction method for hair transplant has grasped the attention of many patients. In this method, the surgeon takes implants of hair and puts them on the bald patches. The objective is to promote hair growth. This method is minimally invasive. Attain natural-looking results with FUE Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar booked through


Procedure in details


This outpatient method involves two to four-hourly sessions over a few days. Tresses are shaved at the recipient and donor sites. The local anaesthetic keeps the patient in comfort. Follicular strands with healthy growth are taken out with a handheld micro punch tool. Incisions are made on the balding spots for insertion of the donors. The last phase involves cleaning of the skin. Bandages are applied. Within a couple of months, you will start to see incredible results. 


Judging its appropriateness


The follicular unit extraction method is an incredible method for tackling hair loss. You will need to have adequate follicular strands at the donor site. The ideal candidate faces hair loss on the top of the scalp or front but has thick locks in the back. People who like to keep this hair short may avail the follicular unit extraction method due to its minimal scarring.

 Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


This method uses the patient’s blood to enrich follicular units. This approach triggers natural hair growth. In the initial phase, musculoskeletal injuries were treated with platelet-rich plasma therapy. Of late, this therapy is in use for tackling cosmetic issues. The therapy involves three steps. Blood drawn from the arm is placed in a centrifuge. The next phase is spinning the blood to separate its components. This makes the platelet-rich plasma ready The last phase involves drawing platelet-rich plasma with a syringe and administering it to the balding sections. 


Is it appropriate for you?


You can be assured of the best results if you are in the early stages of hair loss. If you do not want to go under the knife, you may seek this treatment.


Choose carefully


 Choosing the right clinic requires careful consideration. Do not be in a rush. The clinic you are considering must have an established name in the locality. The setup must be sanitized.

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