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Everything You Need To Know About Anorexia and Hair Loss.

Are you familiar with anorexia nervosa? It’s a disease that primarily manifests in the form of a mental condition. You suffer from it when you impose too many restrictions on your diet. Patients also tend to lose weight as a result of malnourishment. Many people are familiar with the risks associated with food consumption disorders like this one. However, only a few are aware of this fact – anorexia nervosa can also contribute to hair loss. Here you’ll learn more about anorexia, how it affects your strands, and how to reverse the effects.

The cause: You can always find a Hair Transplant Clinic near Me like Winika Clinics. You only need the internet to do so. However, one must understand the cause of anorexia first. An individual suffers from this condition when they consume an extremely calorie-restricted diet. Due to self-imposed food restrictions, the body stops sending nutrients to the most crucial parts that ensure survival. The same thing happens to the follicles and nail beds. They become weak and brittle from inadequate nutrition. Eventually, they fall out.

The symptoms: The experts of a Hair Transplant Clinic near Me describe the symptoms of anorexia for you.

⦁ A receding hairline

⦁ Thinning of your locks

⦁ Loss of strands

⦁ Loss of vitality from nutrient deficiencies, particularly vitamins

⦁ Loss of eyelashes

⦁ Receding cuticles

⦁ Receding gums

Increased growth: While anorexia causes hair loss, it forces the growth of the same on your body. It results from specific hormonal imbalances brought forth by this condition. Usually, the strands that grow on the bodies of anorexic people feel soft and downy – the kind you mostly see in newborn children. Experts use the term lanugo to describe it. Lanugo results from the body’s attempt to conserve heat, and it happens when someone suffers from severe anorexia.

Another condition: Indeed, there’s another eating disorder that’s different from anorexia called bulimia. It also causes the loss of your precious locks. Unlike anorexia, bulimia happens when you eat too much within a short timeframe and remove it from your body by consuming laxatives or vomiting. Just like anorexia, bulimia causes the loss of your strands, temporarily resulting from the shock.

Loss of self-esteem: The changes that come with anorexia are disturbing and unexpected. If you suffer from it, however, you should remember that you aren’t the only one. Hundreds of people have this condition, and most aren’t happy with their appearance. Obese or fat individuals often adopt restrictive diets to lose weight. In turn, they start losing something else, which results in their self-esteem plummeting.

The solution.

Fortunately, the loss of strands stemming from anorexia is a temporary phenomenon. In other words, your locks will return once you start consuming an all-inclusive diet containing all the nutrients you need. Overcoming an eating disorder is never easy. Then again, appropriate psychological treatment can help you get rid of this condition and gain a healthy body weight. Sooner or later, you’ll re-grow the hair you lose from anorexia nervosa. Your body’s vitality will return, as well. You need to get in touch with your general physician or a psychologist for help.

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