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Four Common Reasons for Hair Loss.

Losing a few strands of hair every day is a common incident. It happens to everyone. However, if you lose so much that you end up with a few bald spots on your head; you’ll know there’s a problem. It’s a distressing issue that doesn’t affect the body but severely affects the mind. Also, it doesn’t discriminate between men and women. Indeed, women suffer from it too. Based on a survey conducted in the USA on people aged between 18 and 24, most claim that they live in fear of going bald in the future. This survey included both men and women.

Male and female pattern loss: So, what are the causes of this problem? Here you’ll learn about them. The most common cause is called male and female pattern baldness. Fortunately, the answer to it is a Hair Loss Treatment Clinic like Winika Clinics. This issue affects both men and women between 25 and 60. Most sufferers will inevitably feel uncomfortable when they become aware of the fact that they’ll go bald. If they see their parents and relatives with the same problem, they’ll feel more disheartened. At times, this problem can be genetic, but at other times, there may not be any connection to anyone in the sufferer’s family.

Medicine-induced loss: Several medicines may force you to rush to a Hair Loss Treatment Clinic as hair loss is a side effect. Sometimes, the side effect can vanish within a short while, and at other times, it may sustain for extended periods. Most people tend to blame their medications for this problem. If they lose more than one hundred strands per day, they may have to seek help from their doctor. The specialist will be able to tell them whether a specific medicine is to blame or not. Indeed, many drugs can contribute to the loss of your precious locks, such as anticoagulants, hormone treatment medicines, gout drugs, beta-blockers, and a few antidepressants.

Post-childbirth trauma: This problem affects women mostly after childbirth or the post-natal period. When a woman becomes pregnant, the locks on her head will grow thicker to deliver warmth to a much-needed area – the scalp. Once the necessity is over, the body will start to shed the excess strands naturally. To any lady, the loss may seem unwanted and alarming. In reality, post-natal women don’t lose any more than before they got pregnant. An entirely different reason may be the cause of the problem, and if you believe there’s an issue, don’t hesitate to take it up with your physician.

Health disorders or depression: Studies conducted on the patients with this problem found that many of them suffer from significant health issues. Those who didn’t have any physical symptoms displayed mental disorders, such as high levels of stress or depression. Usually, folks tend to ignore the necessity of an all-inclusive and nutritious diet. However, they should stop making this mistake as the food they eat gives them the essential nutrients. These nutrients nourish everything from tissues to skin to nails to hair. For stress-induced problems, the only option is to find out ways to de-stress.


In most instances, you’ll find that the reason for your issue is one of the problems elucidated above. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the necessity of clinical assessments. Your general physician will be able to ascertain any medical factors. Based on your doctor’s diagnosis, you can also seek the advice of a trained, reputable, reliable, and experienced hair restoration expert or trichologist. As these people have experience in treating this problem, they can provide you with a definitive assessment and useful advice.

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