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FUT And FUE Hair Transplant: Which Is Better For You?

To explore the best ways of hair restoration, you must review the benefits of hair transplant. Most people across the globe have acknowledged the effectiveness of hair transplants. But one can find several service providers in the business. Apart from the numerous clinics, the classification of hair transplant solutions makes a prominent impact on decision-making. Explore more about FUT and FUE to find the best hair restoration solution.

All about FUE transplant

In the FUE Hair Transplant process, the doctor uses individual follicular units. The individual follicles get harvested from the scalp. These are removed randomly, making it less noticeable for the thinning area. With Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, the hair gets harvested with the help of microscopic circular incisions.

All about FUT transplant

In Follicular Unit Transplantation or the “strip method”, the Best Hair Transplant Doctors use the body tissue from the back of the scalp. The individual follicular units get removed from the collected strip with the help of stereo-microscopic dissection. After harvesting the follicles, the wound leaves a fine linear scar. But it is an effective process for hair restoration.

Benefits of FUE – Know them rightly

  1. The modern techniques of FUE are effective and computerized. Thus, doctors can pick healthy and solid follicles for successful harvesting and transplant.

  2. FUE method harvests and transplants the follicles in their natural groupings. Hence, it does not create a scar. Get a natural appearance and wear your hair as short as you want without worrying!

  3. The FUE procedure uses local anesthesia to ensure a minimally invasive method. It is also a short recovery time.

  4. One does not need stitches in FUE treatment, and thus, the recovery process is quick. The procedure takes a a few hours.

Benefits of FUT – Know them rightly

  1. The recovery time for the FUT procedure is efficient. It can take 10-12 days, depending on the healing capacity of the body. With pre-surgery medication, one can manage it conveniently.

  2. In the FUT process, the hair gets harvested from the mid-donor zone with maximum permanent hair. As a result, anyone can apply this method. Even patients with limited hair in the donor area can select the FUT treatment. Here, the protective tissue remains intact, making the grafts strong, resilient, and robust.

  3. The outcome of FUT is highly natural, as the procedure leaves you with a linear scar. The thin scar is less than 1mm in diameter. Thus, it is virtually undetectable and appears natural on the scalp.

  4. The process is hassle-free and brings the best outcome for men and women with a thinning scalp. It is a medically safe solution with zero side effects.

Closing note - Decide after consultation

Go for the solution that suits your requirements and regain hair on the scalp! Reduce the signs of premature baldness by selecting the best hair transplant solution at the best cost. Connect to the clinic with dual offerings to decide the best. Do not hesitate to undergo a hair transplant and make the best choice!

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