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Hair Thinning – The Potential Causes and the Best Treatment Options

Hair thinning basically results in minor and moderate hair loss. Hair thinning and hair loss are two different problems. Hair thinning doesn’t cause baldness, but your hair scalp looks somewhat bald. This problem is common in both men and women.

As per Winika Clinics, the best hair loss treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar, losing around 50-100 hair strands is very common. However, if this number exceeds, it means hair loss and hair thinning problems are knocking on your doors.

In this post, we’ll discuss the causes of hair thinning and the best remedies for this problem.

What Are The Major Causes Of Hair Thinning?

Bad lifestyle habits, genetics, and other factors can cause hair thinning. Below, we’re mentioning some common daily habits that actually lead to hair thinning.

· Constant application of different hair color treatments.

· Using the harsh sprays, gels, and hair wax for hours.

· There is less presence of essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, folic acid, iron, etc. in your diet.

· Enhanced levels of cortisol (stress hormone) impact your hair growth cycle negatively.

Hair thinning might be a hereditary problem too. Skin infections, rapid weight loss, consuming birth growth pills, and deficiency of vitamins and minerals can also cause hair thinning.

What Are The Best Treatment Options Of The Hair Thinning Problem?

The initial stage of hair thinning can be treated at home. Below, we’re mentioning some easy treatment options for this problem.

· Using Anti-Thinning Shampoo

Anti-thinning shampoo is a good treatment option. They increase the hair volume and prevent dandruff. These shampoos contain amino acids and vitamins that make your scalp healthier. It’s better to consult any preferred trichologist before getting your hair thinning shampoo.

· Using The Essential Oils

Essential oils are basically a fluid derived from plants. In our opinion, lavender oil does wonders for people having hair thinning problems. For better results, the lavender essential oil can be combined with rosemary essential oil.

· Massaging The Scalp

One of the easiest and affordable treatment options is scalp massage. Scalp massage is easy, and there are fewer chances of side effects. When you’re washing your hair, just gently put pressure on your scalp to promote blood flow. You can also use a handheld scalp massager to eliminate the dead skin cells.

· Consuming Folic Acid Supplements

Folic acid is necessary for the generation of new cells. This acid encourages the hair follicles to grow new hair. However, much evidence isn’t available that proves folic acid supplements can cure the hair thinning problem.

· Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is practiced by hair experts, dermatologists, and trichologists. By using laser therapy, your hair volume will increase, and the scalp will become thicker. Don’t expect results overnight; laser therapy takes weeks and months to show positive results.

The Takeaway

Hair thinning can seriously impact your overall wellbeing. The treatment options mentioned above are known for curing the hair thinning problem.

If you’re expecting good results within a short period without costing a fortune, you should reach Winika Clinics, the best hair loss treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar; we have multiple effective treatment options for hair thinning and hair loss problems.

Thanks for reading our post!

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