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Hair Transplant Vs Wig: Which Is More Effective For Hair Loss?

Hair loss is one of the embarrassing problems; especially the young generation is suffering from it. Shockingly, youngsters are facing hair loss problems in their early 20s and 30s. Hair loss can negatively impact one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It can also disrupt one’s personal and professional life.

Thanks to the latest technology advancements, various hair loss prevention and hair restoration techniques are available at your nearest best hair transplantation clinic. Nevertheless, people suffering from hair loss problems get confused between two options; either use the permanent wig or opt for the hair transplant solution.

In case if you’re also confused between these two options, let’s delve deeper and find the best option for yourself.

A Quick Overview Of The Hair Wigs

Hair wigs are also known as the hair replacement system. Hair wigs are small hairpieces used for covering bald patches instantly. Some hair wigs are temporary, and some are permanent. Hair wigs are made from natural hair or synthetic material, available in a wide range of density, color, and length.

A Quick Overview Of The Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the surgical process where the donor area’s follicles are extracted and permanently grafted to the recipient’s scalp area. Local anaesthesia is also used for decreasing the discomfort caused to the patient.

The Comprehensive Comparison between Hair Wigs And Hair Transplant

· Short-Term Or Permanent Solution

Hair wigs can instantly cover your scalp baldness, but you cannot wear them forever. Wearing hair wigs for a long period isn’t advisable; it may cause dandruff and itching.

On the other hand, the hair transplant is a permanent solution, but it requires months to deliver desired results. By following the hair transplant solution, you can perform all the activities without any worries.

· Which One Is A ‘Value For Money’ Option?

Honestly speaking, a hair transplant solution is more expensive than a hair wig. However, hair wigs aren’t easy to maintain, and it’s not a permanent solution. The hair transplant method requires minimal maintenance.

So when it comes to the ‘value for money’ option, the hair transplant solution is single-handedly winning here.

· Which One Gives The Better Appearance?

In the hair transplant solution, the patient’s hair is extracted and grafted on the bald areas. These hairs are commonly extracted from the side and back areas.

These hairs are natural; they are just extracted and transplanted to different areas. Over time, the transplanted hairs will start growing naturally.

On the other hand, the hair wigs are available in different hairstyles; you can change your look anytime. But, the hair wigs are easy to notice, and you can’t expect a natural appearance.

Interested In Getting Your Hair Transplant Treatment Done? Knock On The Doors Of Winika Clinics

Winika Clinics is Odisha’s first government-registered hair transplant clinic. Fortunately, our best hair transplantation clinic is blessed with experienced and well-qualified hair transplant specialists who assist the patients throughout the procedure. At Winika Clinics, none of the hair transplant procedures is impossible.

If you’re looking for the best hair transplant treatment under your budget, reach our team at the earliest.

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