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PRP Therapy or Hair Transplant: Which Treatment is more effective for Hair Loss?

Stressed with the regular battle with hair fall? Well, you are not alone! Hair falls, and sudden hair loss has become a genuine worrying issue. People from every age group and gender with the same problem are looking for a solution. A concrete solution to restore the bald patches is what everyone needs. Among the multiple restoration processes, PRP therapy and hair transplant are two prominent ones. Now the question lies, which one to pick for your needs. Take a quick read to understand the effectiveness of both the process and which one will suit you.

PRP at a glance

PRP therapy stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy, which is currently a popular choice. The rich concentration of the platelets helps in stimulating hair growth. Clinics that offer Hair Transplant For men and women also offer this therapy. PRP also assists in tissue regrowth and wound therapy which further stimulates the process. An expert from the clinic injects the platelet deep into the scalp. It reaches the bottom of hair follicles and stimulates a population of dermal papilla cells, generating hair growth.

Transplant at a glance

Coming to the transplant process, it is a known process for most. FUT and FUE are the two ways to transplant. Doctors graft hair follicles in the bald patches for both men and women. The follicles come from either the backside of the scalp or from a different donor area. The technicalities of the transplant process vary depending on the requirements. Any prominent Hair Transplant Clinic in Bhubaneswar like Winika Clinics offers transplant treatment under expert guidance.

Steps to take

In both processes, there are certain steps that you would need to follow. For PRP, the expert draws out the rich plasma from your blood. A centrifuging machine separates the blood from plasma through spinning. While in the transplant mechanisms, the surgeon implants the hair follicles in strips by reviewing the patches. Both the steps have positive effects, but the cases vary depending on the type of hair loss.

Benefitting for you

Not every solution is perfect for every problem. The treatment differs if you have excessive hair fall due to a genetic problem or a male pattern hair loss. When you visit an expert, they check the reasons behind the cause. The reason determines which course to follow in the treatment part.

Every scalp varies

Hair transplant is usually the first choice when it comes to male pattern hair loss. Also, a transplant provides a better outcome for genetic reasons. In contrast, PRP is equally effective for patterned losses and alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder causing baldness and traction alopecia. Thus, your scalp is the deciding factor which treatment course to take.

Expert advice matters

It is not a wise decision to pick any of the processes without expert consultation. You have to see an experienced dermatologist. Only an expert can identify the best remedy. They are the best ones to guide you in the matter. Go for a reliable clinic with the best doctors to eliminate the worrying effects of hair loss.

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