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Things to know about FUE Hair Transplant

Hair loss, premature baldness, male pattern baldness are all highly common issues these days. Everyone is struggling with hair loss issues and looking for an effective remedy. Natural and non-surgical remedies to treat hair loss are not always the best way. The rates of hair loss can also increase and cause permanent baldness. Hence, transplantation is the only effective solution. Follicular unit extraction is a kind of transplantation process that has helped many to regain their hair volume and eliminate the issues of baldness.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplant is available in all leading hair treatment clinics, including Winika Clinics. Follicular unit extraction is a surgical process where the surgeons extract hair strands from one part of the body and implant them in the bald patches. The donor site is usually a portion in the body where hair growth is abundant. So, the doctor picks the follicles and puts them in the area in your scalp where you need better volume.

Understand the procedure.

Many people do not have a clear idea about the actual process of FUE Hair Transplant. So, they feel nervous about undergoing the transplantation. It is a scientific and medically-approved method where a qualified surgeon puts multiple hair strands on the bald patches of your scalp. First, they shave the donor and recipient areas of the body and extract the follicles from the donor area with a micro punch tool. The surgeon inserts the follicles into the incisions on the transplant or recipient portion of the scalp. It is a tricky process and you need to find a trained expert to get the best output.

Is it an effective procedure?

The transplant procedure is safe if you have picked the correct surgeon and clinic. It involves critical surgical steps like making tiny incisions on the recipient portion. Thus, the chances of infection are high. But, with trained and skilled surgeons, you can regain the hair and say goodbye to baldness.

The best place for undergoing a transplant.

A well-reputed clinic with world-class infrastructure is the ultimate solution for getting the best outcome with FUE transplantation. Review the clinical offerings and the experience of the surgeon to ensure getting the expected result on the bald patches.

Understanding the benefits.

It is an effective process for hair restoration and, with the assistance of a reliable clinic, you can undergo the treatment without worries. The hygienic condition of the clinic ensures zero chances of infection and thus prevents failure of the transplantation procedure. It is a permanent solution for baldness, which is why it has become a popular choice for most.

Ending note - Things to expect after a transplant.

Take care after the surgery and review any side effects of the process. Usually, the surgeons recommend you to stay at rest for at least two weeks to ensure less physical stress. You can ask your surgeon about any specific suggestions for after-transplant precautions to be on the safe side. Get a complete idea about the process before undergoing the treatment. From comparing the overall cost to checking the clinical amenities, everything is essential to know.

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