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Top 5 Tips To Combat Your Hair Loss Problems This Summer.

Do you know that summers are the worst season for your hair? Many have a misconception that monsoons are the worst and the hair gets damaged due to the damp weather. Humidity is a factor that impacts your hair and scalp health. But in summers, the impact of the humid and hot hair is highly toxic for the hair. Frizzy hair during summers gets tangled among the strands and makes your hair rougher. Those who have naturally oily scalp also face trouble during the hot and humid days of summer. Irrespective of your hair type, hair loss is common for all! So, here’s helping you with some crucial tips to beat the summer heat without experiencing more hair loss -

Tip 1 - Expert solutions from the experts.

Firstly, understand that hair loss happens for several reasons. Some are medical reasons while some reasons are common for all, like – anxiety, stress, pollution, etc. In any case, you need a solution that works correctly. Only a hair loss treatment clinic can resolve the issues for you. They have qualified doctors who review your scalp and determine the root cause to treat the problem. So, without wasting your time and triggering the chances of more hair loss, visit a reliable clinic now!

Tip 2 – Use products that are safe.

Is there a shortage of hair care products that specifically target summer hair loss? No! Why do you think new products are still getting launched every season? The reason is that not every product can work effectively! Instead of trying each product on the hair and testing the impact, make a wise call. Connect to a Hair Loss Treatment Clinic and use the products recommended by the doctor.

Tip 3 – Ensure protection from the sun.

During summers, the sun rays are the worst enemy for your hair. It makes the hair dry and impacts the scalp. If you have to regularly visit outdoors or step out in the scorching heat, ensure better protection for the hair. Just like you apply sunscreen for your skin, use a hat or scarf to protect the scalp and hair.

Tip 4 – Avoid hot baths and steam bath.

Summers are not suitable for a steam bath in the humid weather conditions of India. Especially for the scalp, always avoid a steam bath. Even if you have a habit of taking hot showers, use lukewarm water. Use cold water at first to rinse the hair. After that, you can pour lukewarm water on the scalp.

Tip 5 – After-bath care and daily care.

Using hair serum and conditioner acts as a hydrator for the hair. Like your body, your hair also needs moisture to stay healthy. In summers, the water levels in the body decrease and disturb the scalp conditions. Thus, you must externally moisturize the hair tips and scalp with conditioner and light oil.

It is time to beat the heat!

With all the expert tips discussed in the blog, this summer you will not face hair loss troubles anymore! Follow them rightly to ensure the best hair days throughout the season!

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