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What is Hair Transplant Surgery? Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Updated: May 25, 2021

People go for hair transplantation to add more hair to an empty area of ​​the head that makes hair thin or bald. It is made by taking hair from a dense part of the scalp and imagining it on a thin or bald part of the scalp.

It is a type of surgery in which the hair is already running that you could fill any area already thin or without hair. Doctors have been performing these transplants in the India for a long time, but strategies have changed dramatically in recent years.

You usually get the transplantation at doctor's office where the surgeon team will clean your head and then inject medicine to numb the back head. The surgeon will offer you one of two transplant methods. Those are follicular unit strip surgery(FUT) or follicular unit extraction(FUE). Sometimes it is mix of both methods to extract more no of grafts.

With the follicular unit strip surgery, the surgeon will remove a 6 to 10-inch strip of skin from the back of your head. Then they will close the skull. They will immediately cover the area with the help of surrounding hair.

Next, you will get to see that they will split the removed scalp strip into 6000 to 20000 tiny grafts. You need to remember that the type of grafts depends on what kind of hair, quantity, colour and size you want to replace.

If you are going for the FUE method, then there your surgeons will shave the back of your head and remove the follicles from them one by one. The area of that will heal with tiny dots which will help your existing hair stand on end.

Is It Permanent?

If you are worried about whether it is a permanent solution or not, then we are here to say yes! Hair transplant is permanent in a healthy scalp, and you won't have to suffer from other therapeutic ailments that damage the hair. Because permanent hair-bearing areas have DHT plays a vital role in helping your hair stay and prevent hair fall.

According to the physicians, the hair transplantation process is more successful than hair restoration products such as medications, injections and topical creams. However, there are several reasons that one should consider:

· You will be able to grow transplanted hair fully in about three to four months.

· Transplanted hair becomes healthy and thinner over time and also gives you a beautiful finish look.

What Are The Costs Of Hair Transplantation For Both Men And Women?

The cost may extend depending on the hair type, length, colour, and products.

As women, hair transplants are a bit different from men, so it will cost more.


Recent technologies have made it easier for people and allowed them to make them beautiful, but doctors must use the technologies properly and wisely so that people can get lasting results. But keep in your mind that it is very important to check for good reviews about your doctors and surgeon team as no one can do it with one hand.

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