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Which Hair Transplant Method Is Best For Men?

Hair loss is a problem that many men are facing these days due to ongoing work stress. It is advisable to realize the hair loss problem fast and take action to save the condition from worsening. Several hair loss treatments are available presently, with so many technologies empowering hair transplant clinics like never before. However, you must know which treatment is suitable for you. Only the top-dated doctor can advise you on this. This is why reach out to a reputed hair clinic today to get all your doubts cleared and start the treatment journey. 

Two Most Popular Hair Transplant Techniques


The two methods are as follows:


· FUE method – The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is avant-garde and a new hair fall treatment concept. The surgeon while offering this technique works in a particular manner. He/she will be gathering one hair graft from your scalps back for transplanting in the impacted area. It is one of the most proven methods of bidding farewell to the condition of hair fall. The treatment will offer you thicker and fuller hair growth. Also, if you choose this, there will be no scarring at the area of the donor as we already spoke about how the surgeon functions.

· FUT hair transplants – The Follicular Unit Transplantation method includes the surgeon gathering a hair strip from the scalps back. That area is regarded as the donor area. Then the hair grafts are transplanted at the patchy spots or the areas that are in need. The needed areas are regarded as recipient areas. Hair fall reasons can be several. 

 Final Say


After analyzing the points mentioned in this blog, we know that FUE is the best treatment for hair transplant for men. However, there lie several disparities between both the transplant methods. It all depends on what your hair doctor will suggest to you. Your hair fall type and condition can be correctly assessed by a professional doctor who can then decide the treatment method for you. Following this, get in touch with the top hair transplant clinic for, availing the services.

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